Thermal Springs & Baths

Your Bursa Tours will remain incomplete unless you visit the Thermal Baths, Bursa. Thermal Baths, Bursa are among the 17 best thermal spas and hot springs resorts in Turkey acknowledged by the Ministry of Tourism of the country. Turkey is one of the only seven countries in the world which have the nature�s gift of vast and abundant natural sources of thermal baths and hot springs. The location of Turkey just above a geothermal belt and a seismic fault makes this country rich with natural hot springs and pure mineral baths. These hot spring bath waters are high in calcium, sodium, sulfur, fluoride, magnesium and other mineral salts contents and have temperatures varying from 20 up to 110 degrees Celsius.

Thermal Baths and spas in Bursa are well known all over the world for their healing properties and therapeutic effects. It has been proven that they naturally cure illnesses and ailments like rheumatism, arthritis, skin problems, igestive disorders, circulatory and heart diseases, gynecological diseases and liver and kidney diseases. .

�ekirge Thermal Springs

In �ekirge, thermal springs connected to the source Vak�fbah�e are located. All hotels in the region, this spais connected to. This spa is good, as bath water, for rheumatic syndromes, motion systems, painful diseases, vascularto obstruction, diabetes, gout and metabolic disorders, and as drinking it cures the liver and biliary tractdiseases. Former Hot Springs, H�sn-� G�zel, Adak in the region as well as other thermal bath hotels spa use water.Average water temperature is 45 degrees in the �ekirge thermal Springs. .


Old Hot Springs

Being the city's largest and oldest of the old Hot Springs Spa is located in the district of �ekirge. Youth and beauty of the Byzantine Queen Thedora�n�n is believed to come from this spa. By Sultan Murat H�davendigar �t was done as a double bath in the spa to the Sultan Mehmet II in 1511. Bayezid by the addition of coldnessle.Two domes are reinforced with a knitted with the coldness half dome. Hot water is discharged into the marble pool in the middle of the lion�s mouth, where is a remarkable mirror with the inscriptions belonging to the year 1675. Eight columns around the pool and titles belong to the Byzantine period. In recent years, it was repaired and a section is reserved for women.

K�k�rtl� Hot Springs

These hot springs are connected to the Almond Garden Resources, behind Bursa city center and �ekirge. There are seven sources. Sulfur and that this radioactive water are very good for health. The Sultan Murad H�davendigar had the men�s portion of spa, Sultan Bayezid II had built the part of the women. Additions were made in the period of Kanuni Sultan S�leyman. Spas today within Uludag University has been operating as Rehabilitation and Research Center Water temperature between 54-84 degrees in sulfur Spas are changing.


New Hot Springs

Rustem Pasha, the vizier Kanuni Suleyman, in 1552 had done this hot spring.It is located in the district of �ekirge. Ceiling of 12 meters in diameter spa is covered with two large domes.Of the bath in the water so khalvatthe temperature reaches 84 degrees New spa, three to a large, covered with a dome on the total, are the works of classical Ottoman. As in other domed bathhouse, locker, coldness, temperature section is composed of.The is Magnificent dome, where a large pool of forty Kurna and a mysterious world, which resembles a "donkey sweat" and with historic tiles, and it is a date monuments value to be seen. Today also it is served as a hotel. One cen see Private baths, tourist department, massage and fitness roomin the hotel. The later part of the structure of the source added later were allocated only for women.


Karamustafa Bath

It is estimated that, being Fatih Sultan Mehmet II�s vezir and the gloom of the Sultan Bayezid, Kara Mustafa Pasha, had this bath built on the former Byzantine baths in the region. In the view of a house hot springs is one of the most attention of our country to people coming from different cities of the thermal plant. to bath consists of two parts, men and families In addition,children�s playground with a 25-room hotelserving,is a facility available to have a rest.Because of water shortage, there is no large pool. There is a small pool. In addition, a round bath in the trough is located. Water is boiling from the bottom. Water temperature is 54 degrees.


Oylat Hot Springs

Located in the south of �neg�l's 27 km is fed by from three different source hot springs. There are 2 hotels in the region, 4 motel and 2 indoor swimming pool facilities. All the properties of hot springs water carrying sulphate and nephritis, rheumatism, sciatica, kidney disease, such as mental illness is good. Oylat is a partner in the Hot Springs Municipal corporation �neg�l moment is operated. All the properties of hot springs water carrying sulphate is good for nephritis, rheumatism, sciatica, kidney disease, such as mental illness Oylat the Hot Springs is operated by the Municipalty which is a partner in corporation of factories in Ineg�l.