Resat Oyal Kultur Park (Cultural Park)

The park construction of which started in the year 1950 and was opened by Resat Oyal who was the mayor of Bursa at that time is one of the first green areas of the city.
In Resat Oyal culturel park which is set out on 393 thousand square metres of land in addition to an artificial pond, walking roads, sports grounds, children play areas, tea gardens and restaurants also there is an Archaeology Museum, Open Air Theatre, Amusement Park and Picnic areas. The culterel park which until recent years held the Bursa Fair within its walls has hosted the Bursa Festival since the day it was founded.

Soganli Botanical Park

The Botanical Park which is situated near the ring road and next to the zoo a 400 thousand square metres area. Soganli Botanical Park which is open for herbal research and scientific studies is a first-degree protected area since the year 1998 when it was established. In addition to the parts such as Japanese Garden, French Garden, English Garden, rose garden, rock garden, fragrant plants garden and shaped plants garden there is also 150 kinds of trees, 27 kinds of roses, 76 kinds of bushes and 20 kinds of creeping plants. Also in the Botanical Park there is a section where Bursa's 17-19 century mansion houses are designed and are used to provide hotel and restaurant services. In addition to the activity areas such as running and walking roads, sport areas, bicycle roads, children's play areas, car race track, and sports equipments, there is also an artificial pond.

Bursa's Zoo

Bursa's Zoo which was opened for service together with the botanical park in the year 1998 has sanctuaries designed in conformity with the animals natural living conditions. In Bursa's Zoo which provides services just beside the Botanical park 500 animal's of 55 different varieties are living. In the zoo which is one of the biggest parks in Europe in terms of area size, in addition to the sections where there are bears, wolves, lions, leopards, predatory birds, lama, zebras, camels and monkeys there is also an African Penstock where ostriches and zebras live. In the section which is allocated for waterfowls there is a giant cage and pond. Bursa's Zoo which was founded within a modern concept provides visitors with the opportunity of seeing animals at a closer range. The zoo is one of the areas that both local and foreign tourist show a considerable interest in.

Merinos Park

Merinos Wool Industry Weaving Factory has found its own place in Turkey's symbol establishments with the contribution provided to the country's economy. The Merinos factory, the foundations of which were laid by Ismet Inonu on 28 November 1935 is one of the biggest factories of Turkey's Industry and was opened for service by Ataturk on 2 February 1938. The factory was closed down by the Privatization Administration in the year 2004. The factory area which was allocated to the metropolitan municipality after its closure has been transformed into a park under the urban transformation project. After the work was completed Merinos Park was added to the important green areas which breathe life into the city. In the park area, in addition to the Ataturk Congress and Culture Centre there is a National Textile Museum, Modern Art Museum and Sport Museum, also walking areas, sport areas, entertainment facilities, restaurants, tea gardens and municipality units.

Sukaypark ( Water Sports Park )

Sukaypark which is Turkey's first water sports park set out by Osmangazi Municipality in the Cukurca district is founded on a 100 thousand square metres area. In the park area there are facilities such as an island, a lake where the water - skiing is done, playpens, walking and running treadmills, cafes and restaurants and a sports school. In this establishment which was constructed in conformity with international standards many national and international organizations are held.



Ataturk City Forest

Ataturk City Forest which started to be built in the year 2005 by Nilufer Municipality, the first stage of which was opened for service in May of the year 2007 has a characteristic of a park which continuously shows development. The City Forest which has a lot of facilities such as picnic areas, walking roads, small wooden houses, social facilities, a baby care unit, and a first aid unit also offers modern services such as security camera and internet for the visitor's use.