Industry & Agriculture

Bursa which under the Republican period became a centre for industrialization and production is a city which has succeeded in developing its existing tradition of commerce and bringing it up to the present day. The city has 13 industrial zones one of which is Turkey�s first industrial zone, 19 small-scale industrial zones, 1 free-trade zone and also a technology development centre which provides services to industry.

In Bursa which has Turkey's second largest exports union the production has been focused on the textile, automotive, automotive spare parts industry, readyto-wear garments, machinery and metal industry, dry-fresh and frozen foods, agriculture and service sector. Turkey's most important automotive factories ( Tofas � Fiat, Renault, Karsan etc.) are to be found in Bursa.

The first Organized Industrial Zone of Turkey has been established in Bursa, in the Yalakcayiri vicinity which is within the Nilufer borders currently. In Bursa Organized Industrial Zone wich is 6,8 million square meters wide, approximately 30 thousand workers are being employed. In Nilufer Organized Indstrial Zone ( NOSAB ) located in the Minarelicavus quarter, there are 276 companies providing employment for about 15 thousand people. In Hasanaga Organized Industrial Zone ( HOSAB ) there are 57 factories on production employing about 3 thousand people. In Leather Organized Industrial Zone established within the Badirga village attached to Nilufer and Ikizce and Taspinar villages attached to Karacabey on an area of 171 hectares, currently 19 companies operate and about 700 people are employed. The Organized Industrial Zone which is targeting to carry the textile dye-houses outside the city is again being established in Badirga village over an area of 420 hectares. In Kayapa Organized Zone which is waiting for Organized Industrial Zone status, there are 63 companies on production and about 3 thousand people are employed.

In Cali which is a middle sigze industrial zone, about 4 thousand people are being employed in 220 companies, whereas in Akcalar Industrial Zone about 1500 people are employed in 13 companies.

In Besevler Small Industrial Area located on a surface of 182000 square meters which is one the two main small industrial areas of Bursa, there are 1250 small and medium-sized companies in furniture, metal and automotive groups. In Gorukle Small Industrial Area located on surface of 76 hectares, 40 companies are production.

According to the Ministry of Finance's data for the year 2008, from the point of view of providing budget incomes for the country's economy Bursa takes 5th place in the ranking after Istanbul, Ankara, Kocaeli and Izmir. According to the number of work places and employees Bursa takes second place in the ranking in the Marmara Region after Istanbul. While the average national income was 12.119 USA Dollars per person in Turkey, it was calculated as 15.948 USA Dollars in Bursa in the year 2007.


Bursa has also great importance in the country's agriculture with its fertile valleys. In Bursa, where almost every kind of fruit and vegetables can be produced in very high quality agricultural products are in much favour both in the domestic and export market. A major part of the fruits produced in Bursa are exported with black figs, peaches, cherries, strawberries, artichoce, chestnuts and apples coming high on the list.