Clock Tower

It is in Tophane ( Armoury ) Park that Mausoleums of Osman Gazi and Orhangazi are also in. Bursa Clock Tower was built at Sultan Abd�laziz Time (1861-1876) as a fire tower. The tower was made from cutting stones; it has got a balcony at the second and third floors, a sharp arched window at every side and a niche, next to the windows. The first tower, which has got Bursa view and had a clock, at the third floor, was ruined. But, the time of destruction is not known. One tower was rebuilt at the same place; the Governor Resit Mumtaz Pasa opened it for 2nd Abdulhamid's 30th acceding annual. The tower, which is 25 mt. high and has 6 floors, was built in 1906. It is a 65*4, 65 mt. planned structure. The entrance is possible with a 4 graded and round coved door. There are 89 graded wooden stairs inside of the towers for climbing up. Square body of the tower is divided with 5 profiled eaves. There is a round caved rectangle window at the each side of the tower. There was a round clock quadrant at each side of the top floor. Today, an electronic clock has been put instead of the original one. The tower is still used as a fire observation tower.


Martyr's Memorial

There is a memorial, which is at the entrance of Tophane ( Armoury ) Park and in the front of Osman Gazi Mausoleum. It was built for Independence War Casualties. 11 Independence Martyrs, who died in Greek invasion, are buried in the front of this monument. Bursa's liberation activities start there with a ceremony ever year.