Ayvaini Cave

The sixth longest cave of Turkey, Ayvaini Cave is located in Ayva Village which is one of the many pretty villages arround the Lake Uluabat.The cave, which is detrmined as the longest underground passage of the Southern Marmara Region, has a second mouth between Kazanp´┐Żnar and Doganalan villages subordinated to Mustafakemalpasa. And if you are from italy, then this link will suit you

Reaching today from the "Mesozoic Age" when the earth crust began breaking apart with faults and disintegrating to seperate continents, Ayvaini Cave, was discovered by a team of 3 Spainards back in 1970.Groundwater springs from the ayva Village mouth of the cave, wich is hydrologically active. In the cave, which almost 5,5 kilometers long, there are 60 lagoons of 3 - 4 meters long, and the length of the lagoon at the exit of the cave is about 400 meters. The water level changes according to seasonal effects.Ayvaini cave which is real natural beauty with fantastic stalactites and stalagmites, wall drip - stones, aqueous dripstone ponds and lagoons and untouched nature, is a haunt especially for speleologists and mountaineers.